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September 5th and 6th

Written by Alan Haehnel

Directed by Cecilia Bracey

Based on responses from actual students around the country, playwright Alan Haehnel explores the intimacy and vulnerability of sharing one’s private thoughts. With additional monologues written by Catholic University students, this show will leave you asking the question: what do I want to say?

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November 22nd-24th | The Lab Theatre

Written by Rick Elice

Directed by Joseph McAlonan

With a novel, several movies, and a stage musical, the character of Peter Pan has become well-known and beloved by many. This play with music provides the backstory for the “boy who would never grow up”, his friends, and the world they live in. Loaded with pirates, Monty Python-esque comedy, and a whole lot of heart, this show is certain to stay with you long after you’ve left the theatre.

Directed by Sophie Williams and Brandon Horwin

With a stage musical and not one, but TWO, movies, it’s safe to say “Mamma Mia!,” is filled with enchanting, energetic, and unforgettable music. This production aims to unify students from all walks of life to come together to jam out to ABBA songs, because who doesn’t love a little ABBA in their life?

March 20th-22nd

By Alan Menken and Howard Ashman

Directed by Michael Sullin

Don’t feed the plants! Enter a world of 1960s music, sadistic dentists, and plants with very particular appetites. One of the longest running Off-Broadway shows, this charmingly devious production will definitely feed your need for musical chaos and hilarity.


Directed by Marissa Liotta and Brigid Wallace

Shakespeare under the stars! Drawing from Shakespeare’s texts, works inspired by Shakespeare, and original devised pieces, a band of actors will work to create a world of playfulness and imagination. After all, all the world’s a (Center)Stage!

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